Winter Thunder: PnP vs Retail

I’m a huge fan of Print and Play wargames. Regular readers and viewers may already know this.

A game that I have featured previously using PnP components is Winter Thunder, a 1-2 player ‘Bulge’ simulation from Brian Train.

It’s a great game and I heartily recommend that anyone one with an interest in ‘dabbling’ with war games explore it further.

But, which version should you get? The PnP version or Retail?

Both allow you get the game to the table. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

This video explores, in my meandering way, the differences between the two options.

Hopefully it will give you an idea of why you may enjoy building your own copy or whether the retail version would fit your needs more comfortably.

Please note: Tiny Battle Publishing provided a review copy of the retail game. The PnP game was purchased and assembled by me.