Winter Thunder (Battle of the Bulge) – Overview/How to Play Video

Winter Thunder is the second in my series of playthrough videos looking at war games that can be played in a PnP format.

Designed by Brian Train and published by Tiny Battle Publishing, Winter Thunders is a simulation of the Battle of the Bulge.

Famously, the last significant offensive move by the German army during World War 2, The Battle of the Bulge occurred during December 1944.

The German forces gained ground with a surprise attack in the Ardennes region of Western Europe before being pushed by the Allies.

Winter Thunder allows players to take control of either side, using the historical forces, and see if they can change the outcome.

Primarily a two player game, although there are solo rules, Winter Thunder features an innovative ‘Mission Matrix’ combat mechanic.

I like this one, it’s compact and ‘relatively’ simple to learn.

Hope you find the video useful when deciding if this is a game for you.

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