The Battle for Ramadi: Playthrough Video

I’m a huge fan of PnP wargames. I may have mentioned this before.

Here then is the first in a series of playthroughs that focus on war/historical games that can be purchased in a PnP format.

The Battle for Ramadi, is designed by Jay Ward and published by Tiny Battle Publishing.

During the game you lead the Iraqi security forces on a mission to recapture the city of Ramadi from, game system controlled, ISIS.

This is achieved by capturing up to six key locations in the city, including one mandatory location, and having more points than the game.

Easier said than done as there are rarely enough forces to cover all retaken ground and the casualty rate keeps rising.

The Battle for Ramadi is solo specific, requires a refreshingly small amount of table space, plays fully in around an 1.5 hours and, most importantly, is fun to play.

Hope you enjoy the playthrough. Stay tuned for more in this series over the coming weeks.