SpaceCorp (GMT Games): Solo Playthrough – Starfarers Era

This final video in a series of three playthroughs of SpaceCorp sees our company spread it’s influence beyond the solar system.

Time and distance now become a greater challenging for our Teams as they explore entire star systems. The race is on to see whether us or The Competition will profit from life amongst the stars.

There is a greater rules shift for Starfarers than there was from Mariners to Planeteers. If you are unfamiliar with SpaceCorp I’d suggest starting with an earlier video as we meet Colonies for the first time. Also the AI for the Competition has some key differences specific to this era.

However, SpaceCorp remains an accessible space exploration game and I’ve tried to highlight this in the video.

I hope you have enjoyed these playthroughs as much as I enjoyed filming them. See you next time.