Siege of Izmail: Learn to Play Video

Join me as I learn to play Siege of Izmail, a hex and counter wargame from Hollandspiele focussing on the final hours of the Russian Siege of the Ottoman Fortress of Izmail in 1790.

Siege of Izmail features subtle asymmetry between the two sides that push, what could have been a ‘run of the mill’ hex and counter simulation into something quite special.

Examples of asymmetry in the game include:

  • Variable terrain effects; after all the Ottomans would know their home far better than the Russians
  • The Ottoman ability to fire cannon
  • Ottoman detachments
  • Russian first turn surprise rules
  • Russian retreat rules that represent the ‘back to the wall’ nature of combat.

Other elements, such as combat and movement, are far simpler than in many other games and overall Siege of Izmail provides a fun, ‘beginner plus’, exploration of a rarely seen theme.

I hope the video gives you a good overview of how the game works and helps you decide if the game is for you. As always, apologies in advance for any mistakes and my home made PnP components probably do not reflect the retail version.

This video is part of my irregular ‘Games that made me go…huh?’ series over on YouTube.

Until next time…happy gaming!