Session Report – Cataclysm: A Second World War (Turn 1)

For an Introduction to Cataclysm: A Second World War, please see this post.

Cataclysm Turn 1 – 1941 -42

Scenario C4: The Eagle and the Sun

The scenario begins with Japan controlling much of the Chinese coastal regions, poised to further their expansion into Indonesia.

The UK is focussed on the European War and is using its resources in that Theatre, leaving little behind with which to fund a Pacific War.

The US is not yet fully in the war. Pearl Harbour has not been attacked (will it ever be?) and the Lend Lease agreement not implemented.

All three nations are mobilised, yet not currently committed to war on a global scale.

Eagle and the Sun set up
C4: The Eagle and the Sun set up

Barbarossa affects play

The first chit drawn from the cup is: a German Offensive.

In this scenario this indicates the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany. The political state now becomes one of global war, yet none of our nations are yet at war with each other.

Japan immediately takes advantage, increasing its Commitment level to Total War without needing to declare war on the UK or US (the scenario outline has a handy hint about this).

The extra resources allow a rapid increase its Air and Naval capabilities, however, several chits later the political impact is revealed by a failed Home Front test and Wavering Stability.

Lend Lease is drawn. This allows the UK and US to ally, however, transfer of resources between the two is not permitted in this scenario due to off map commitments in Europe.

The US seem reluctant to ally. Resisting not one but two UK attempts to forge an alliance during the turn.

Political Display
Global War begins

Japanese Expansion Continues

With an Allied alliance off the table, aid is sent to support the GMD during the Chinese Civil War. The Civil War leads to stalemate, however, becoming inactive quickly. Any attempt to resist in Japanese occupied areas is crushed mercilessly.

The UK’s preoccupation with Crisis events happening off map sees Japan using diplomacy to gain control of both Siam and the UK colony in Burma. The rich natural resources in Java are now very, very tempting.

Slowly waking up to the threat posed by the Japanese the UK attempt to declare war on Japan, however, this too fails. The war in Europe clearly of more concern than events happening on the other side of the world.

Detail: Japan controls Chinese coast
Japan hold the Chinese coastline

Cataclysm Turn 1 Summary

The Japanese have had everything their own way. Successfully maintaining a pretence at diplomacy while simultaneously creating a sizeable military capable of operating throughout Australasia.

The UK have had a terrible turn. Failing Effectiveness check after Effectiveness check, they have lost territory, fumbled attempts at alliance and didn’t even manage to declare war on Japan.

And where were the US in all this? They remain a sleeping giant…for now.

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