Learning Peloponnesian War – Video

Peloponnesian War, designed by Mark Herman and published by GMT Games, is a solo specific historical game covering the conflict between Athens and Sparta during 431-404BC.

It has a fascinating mechanic that forces the player to switch sides if you are doing too well. This means that your Athenian forces will have been on the receiving end of the whupping your Spartan army gave them last turn and vice-versa.

Peloponnesian War is also proving to be a bit of a beast to learn.

Very procedural in it’s mechanisms and very exacting in it’s rules requirements, I’ve found the learning curve to be the steepest of any game in my collection.

Now, don’t let this put you off. My challenges are as much as reflection of my inexperience with this style of game, as it is of the game itself.

I doubt that Peloponnesian War would have been re-released in this deluxe format, if the game at the top of the curve wasn’t worth investing the time to learn.

I’m still climbing that curve. Nevertheless, I hope this video provides a sufficient overview of how the game works and helps you decide whether the game is for you.