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Don’t be afraid of doing things by yourself, for yourself. It’s a lot easier than it was in the ’70s when there was no Internet and even photocopiers were hard to come by.

Brian Train, wargame designer (COIN, Winter Thunder, Brief Border Wars)
Richard Breese Key

Being part of a team is one of the pleasures of board game designing.

Richard Breese, ‘Key’ series creator

Regardless of whether you are a designer or just a player, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Cameron Art – Designer of Vowl and publisher of The Board Game Bulletin

There really are no rules. Go new places. Experiment away: no lives will be lost.

Volko Ruhnke, creator of the COIN series
Gemma Newton veggies

The rejections [by publishers] were important lessons

Gemma Newton, founder of Moonstone Games

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