Survive Escape from Atlantis cover

It was literally a rags to riches story. Prior to the success of Survive! I was broke and unemployed, scratching a living doing odd jobs. But I persisted with my dream.

Julian Courtland-Smith, creator of Survive! Escape from Atlantis
Tristan Hall

When you play a game you can feel how much fun the designer had making it. Ensure that you maintain your own passion for what you love throughout the process. Enjoy yourself, so you know that your players will too.

Tristan Hall, designer of Gloom of Kilforth and 1066, Tears to Many Mothers

Matthew Dunstan Chocolate Factory

Don’t be afraid to try something whacky or that breaks the rules.

Matthew Dunstan, designer of Monumental, Chocolate Factory and many more

It takes effort to make a game. You spend an entire year making a game – you create it, then test it and test it until you are happy with it-  then you show it to a publisher and they say: “no, it’s not good enough”. Argh!  

Rita Modl, designer of Men at Work


When done well, there is no ‘theme first, mechanism first’. Both enhance each other.

David Turczi, designer of Anachrony and many more

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