Surprised Stare Games

Be inventive, be creative, try out new things but make sure you finish something. Game design is not about starting projects, it’s about finishing them.

Alan Paull, co-founder Surprised Stare Games
Adversity Games logo - Inspiration quote

I had to learn very quickly what I could do, what I could learn and what I needed help with.

Joseph Norris, founder of Adversity Games

stuff by bez

Not everything has to be mass produced

Behrooz ‘Bez’ Shariari – Stuff by Bez

StarSeeker Games logo

Trust is key. If we can build trust, people will be willing to support us, and we can then make more games. 

Salvo Guastella – founder of StarSeeker Games
Tony Boydell prototypes

It was brilliant when (playtesters) broke the game…it was even better when they didn’t break it because I had finally foiled them!

Tony Boydell – designer of Snowdonia

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