These pages contain inspiration in the form of my favourite quotes from the interviews featured on this site.

Use them as a quick notes how-to-guide to entering the games industry, for when you need to read something uplifting or for something else entirely.

However you choose to use them, I hope it helps.


Play as many games as you can.

Scott Moore, designer of This War Without an Enemy

Frank west

Getting a design in front of people early is a good idea. I can’t emphasise that enough.

Frank West, designer of The Isle of Cats
Gaming rules logo

I was just happy to be part of something I was passionate about.

Paul Grogan, Host of Gaming Rules

At Any Cost Wargame

Designers, for the most part, do this because it’s fun and gets the creative juices flowing. For me, it keeps me thinking, active and involved … and it cleans out the brain plaque. So design for your entertainment and mental health – not to buy a new Porsche.

Hermann Luttmann, creator of the ‘Blind Swords’ wargame system (see also this post on game design)
Solar Storm inspiration quote

The great thing about the UK games industry though is that people genuinely want each other to succeed

Ayden Lowther, designer of Solar Storm

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