Guilford, Saratoga, Brandywine Tri Pack (GMT Games): Component Overview Video

There’s a lot of stuff inside GMT’s Battles of the American Revolution Tri Pack.

This probably shouldn’t be a surprise as it’s a reissue of no less than three games in BOAR series: Guilford, Saratoga, & Brandywine.

Even better, the Guilford game is actually a Guildford & Eutaw Springs two game set in it’s own right!

The contents include two wonderfully illustrated double sided mounted mapboards, 4 updated countersheets (including one with updated counters for other series games) and tactics cards for those that prefer them to chits.

There’s probably more in there that I’ve already forgotten about.

In fact, there is so much stuff that working out what goes where could be an issue.

To help, I made an unboxing/overview video showing the components for each game in turn.