Dwar7s Fall

Dwar7s Fall is a 2-4 player game designed by Luis Brüeh and published by Vesuvius Media.


Players take the role of Dwarven kings preparing their kingdoms for Winter.

The first task is build a kingdom. This takes place in a shared central location using cards that represent, for example, castles, taverns and mines. Then, using worker placement, area control and take that, players fight it out to complete objectives. The winner has the most points based on the area they control plus shared and secret objectives.

Dwar7s Fall has a good mix of theme and mechanics. It uses these to be a rare Euro-style game that features high player interaction and a strong player vs player element.

Gameplay is light-hearted and engaging. There’s a nice “throw it all in and see what happens” feel to it.

Component quality is generally good. However, the cards are a little on the thin side given the amount of handling they will receive.

Relatively minor issues aside, gamers that don’t mind bashing each other as they collect victory points will find that Dwar7s Fall packs a tremendous amount into a small box.

A two-player game in progress

This Snapshot is derived from a review first published on the Zatu Games blog.