Crossing the Line: Aachen 1944 – Component Overview Video

Crossing the Line: Aachen 1944 is a two player game simulating the battle of Aachen that took place during September – October 1944. The game, published by Furor Teutonicus, also has a high solitaire rating.

There are some counter errata present. The replacement sheet shown is available at

The copy of Crossing the Line: Aachen 1944 shown (including the errata sheets) was kindly sent to me by a longtime viewer of the Diagonal Move YouTube channel who had been sent two copies by mistake.

A huge thank you to that viewer (who knows who he is) for not only sending the game but also for highlighting what looks to be a great release from a relatively new publisher.

I’m hoping to get this one to the table soon and will have an overview/playthrough…eventually