Battle Hymn Vol 1 – Gettysburg Campaign AAR

Battle Hymn Vol 1 is a hex and counter simulation of two American Civil War battles – Gettysburg and Pea Ridge.

It is the first in a planned series from Compass Games that allows players to recreate some of the key engagements of that conflict at the ‘Brigade level.

I posted a component video previously in which I enthused about how excited I was to play this game.

Well, I’ve finally got it to the table and jumped in at the deep end. The full three days of Gettysburg campaign is a 31 turn epic.

This video is a summary of/my thoughts on how that campaign went. I played the Confederates and used the included ‘At Random’ system to help control the Union forces.

I hope you enjoy this After Action Report of the Battle Hymn Gettysburg campaign.

I’m hoping to post a more detailed ‘how to play’ or ‘system overview’ in the coming days. Watch this space.