Adrenaline: Solo Playthrough Video

Once upon a time…I played far more video games than I did board games.

One of my favourite genres was First Person Shooter. Running around, grabbing stuff, shooting things. Simple, visceral, fun.

I sucked at them. Even on utter noob mode, I rarely got through a level without respawning at least a dozen times.

As for online, death match arenas…hahahahahahhaha!

A few years ago, as my gaming moved away from video and into a brave new analog world, it was no surprise that Adrenaline, a game based on FPS death match arenas, caught my eye.

Sadly, I had no-one to play against. Even as my gaming group expanded, I appeared to be in a minority when it came to conflict based games.

Adrenaline mouldered on my shelf of shame for longer than I care to admit.

Then, earlier in 2020, as the world turned on it’s head and solo boardgaming became a past time borne of necessity rather than choice, Adrenaline publishers Czech Game Edition released a set of free-to-download official solo rules.

Adrenaline no longer sits on the shelf of shame. It’s taken it’s rightful place as one of the most outright enjoyable games in my collection.

Long live Adrenaline!

A game in which you run around, grab stuff, and shoot things.